Rosanne has a talent for conveying what is correct without making the participant feel ill at ease. Content and presentation were excellent!
– Mary B., Caterpillar Inc.


Excellent! I really enjoyed the seminar!
– Kristie H., Fidelity Investments


Rosanne, your presentation met our goals and exceeded expectations! Thank you for joining us, and I look forward to meeting with you in the future.
– Dan G.,  Wausau Signature Agency


Rosanne covered everything thoroughly and was very interesting. She kept everyone’s full attention. I think this seminar is good for everyone to take.
– Lynn M., Fidelity Investments


Everyone should attend. We look forward to a continued relationship with Rosanne and Protocol Advisors, Inc. as her message is very important and she is exactly the right person to deliver it.
– Patrice T., Tiffany & Co.


I highly recommend to any company, academic or government agency doing business with foreign nations that they take the time to train their personnel with Ms. Thomas and Protocol Advisors, Inc.
– Shaun D., Senior Manager, Multinational Division, Global One


Rosanne was excellent! Very gracious and knowledgeable!
– Becky V., Caterpillar Inc.


Many, many thanks for your responsiveness and expertise on this event. I thought I would share an extraordinary career moment–receiving a note from a Chairman–this is as much mine as it is yours!
– Lorraine G.,  State Street Corporation


This information is something you can apply everyday. I only wish we had more time together. Rosanne was excellent–great knowledge about the topic.
– Erika G., Caterpillar Inc.


Rosanne Thomas does an excellent job of presenting the material in a very user-friendly way. She also practices what she preaches with great tact and style. I wanted to convey my gratitude to her for a job well done.
– Charles O., EMC Corporation


Everything was wonderful and Ms. Thomas was extremely knowledgeable. This seminar should be mandatory for all staff, the instructor was excellent!
– Michele B., Caterpillar Inc.


You created quite a little buzz on our desk with your style and commentary and I will look forward to getting many more of our folks exposed to this worthwhile facet of their training.
– Russ P., Sun Life Financial


From Neanderthal to .007 in two hours!
– MBA Student


I can’t imagine a better, less threatening way to show us the seemingly minor flaws that can have such a major impact on the impressions we leave.
– Peg G., Caterpillar Inc.


Thank you so much for the excellent workshop you gave on Dining Etiquette at Tufts! The students loved this part of the conference the most. They and the administrators not only learned a lot but you made it fun. It was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you so much!
– Lynne S., Tufts University


Overwhelmingly valuable and I truly believe we should provide our new employees with some level of comparable training.
– Nanette K., Caterpillar Inc.


Thank you very much for coming to Liberty to speak to our trainees on Business Etiquette. The feedback was outstanding! They got a lot from the introductions session, handshakes and how to dress. Thanks again, and I hope you get a call from one of our internal departments in the future.
– Jean R., Liberty Mutual


Most useful for those in direct contact with customers who are representing Team Caterpillar.
– Linda G., Caterpillar Inc.


I just wanted to thank you again so much for your delightful presentation yesterday. I especially liked the fact that you brought students into the scenarios–and in such a relaxed and charming way! So count this as an unqualified success! Sincere thanks – I hope you’ll come back and do it again next spring!
– Betsey D., Yale School of Management


Thank you, once again, for a WONDERFUL evening. Your presentation was superb, your advice excellent and your popularity now legend. Kim McKeen commented that she sat through several other speaker/facilitator’s presentations, and yours was far and away the BEST. Your personal style is somehow formal yet friendly. We all look to you as the perfect role model.
– Patricia Y., UMass/Lowell


Thank you for your time and efforts. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues.
– Cindy C., Fidelity Investments