Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

As high-potential employees become more visible within the company and community, more is at stake for them and for their employers.

New or updated skills may be required. Each individual has both strengths and opportunity areas for improvement, and as a result, different coaching requirements. Executive Coaching from Protocol Advisors, Inc. is designed to work with executives, and those who wish to become executives, in helping them to hone their existing strengths and develop new skills to achieve the greatest level of success and effectiveness.

Program benefits

  • Participants will understand the critical importance of “Executive Presence” for self-confidence and for inspiring confidence in others.
  • Participants will identify their unique areas of opportunity for personal and professional improvements.
  • Participants will enhance their workplace image, taking full advantage of their talent and professional potential.

Who should attend?

  • Executives of all levels
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • High-potential employees

What will participants learn?
Topics are selected with the attendee’s specific needs and goals in mind. They may include:

  • The Elements of Executive Presence
  • Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Maximizing Sources of Power: Authority, Knowledge, Relationships
  • First Impression Management
  • Professional “Branding”
  • Handling Challenging Relationships
  • Bringing News Skills to the Workplace
  • he Subtle Skill of Self-Promotion
  • Internal Networking: Increasing One’s “Social Capital”

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