Company FAQs


Q.) Where are seminars held?

A.) Seminars are held on site at our clients’ locations or at other sites convenient for the attendees. Protocol Advisors, Inc. travels both nationally and internationally to present its training programs, enabling our customers to save money and time on travel expenses for their employees

Q.) What sized training groups do you handle? What is the best class size for maximizing training effectiveness and subject matter retention?

A.) Protocol Advisors, Inc. has offered training programs for single individuals, for groups of 450 and for every sized group in between! While corporate training standards indicate a class size of 10-15 is best for effectiveness and retention, we work with you to tailor a seminar that maximizes the learning value for your group, big or small!

Q.) My group has very specific training challenges and goals. Can a seminar be customized for us?

A.) Yes. Any existing seminar may be customized to address your group’s unique learning goals. Protocol Advisors, Inc. also offers complete new program design and implementation services.

Q.) We would love to invest in a day of training for our employees, but have geographical and scheduling challenges, as well as budgetary constraints this year. Are there any other options besides classroom training available to us?

A.) While live, in-person training is ideal for this subject matter, there are several other ways to benefit from our training. Protocol Advisors, Inc. also offers companies in-house “Trainer Certification” and customized workbooks, enabling organizations to offer training in a convenient, cost-effective way. Customized training videos are also available for a company’s “Video Library,” as are Webinars, Teleconferences and telephone or email consultations. Please inquire about all of the options available to you.

Q.) What is your training methodology?

A.) Our training is highly experiential, as we believe “doing is learning.” Through a combination of PowerPoint presentations, self-assessment questionnaires, group discussions, skills practice exercises and “PAPs” (Personal Action Plans), our programs educate, entertain and inspire. Attendees are able and encouraged to implement new skills immediately and to keep track of their progress, resulting in high learning retention and discernible results.

Q.) How is seminar pricing determined?

A.) Protocol Advisors, Inc. believes that delivering learning value to its clients is its most important responsibility. Our seminar pricing reflects our both our commitment to excellence, and the depth and breadth of experience. We are competitively priced with other experienced training companies and work with our clients to present programs that meet their needs in terms of content, length, venue and budget.

Q.) I like the idea of a training program from Protocol Advisors, Inc. but would like to “test-drive” one first. Is this possible?

A.) In a sense, yes! For new clients who want to experience a training program from Protocol Advisors, Inc. but would like to make sure the program is the “right fit” first, we offer Pilot Programs. These specially priced programs, generally 20% less than standard pricing, are designed to allow new customers to evaluate and customize programs before rolling them out to larger company audiences, as well as to benefit from comprehensive training at reduced fees. Please inquire as to how we might present a Pilot Program for your group.

Q.) How is training reinforced once the participant has left the classroom?

A.) At Protocol Advisors, Inc. we believe that common sense and common practice do not necessarily go hand in hand! Recognizing that a new skill is important and actually putting it into practice are two different things. That is why we administer a self-assessment questionnaire at both the beginning and end of a training session, help each participant develop his/her own Personal Action Plan and give every participant tools for measuring his or her own success. We stand behind our training to make sure you and your participants get maximum results and value from your training investment.