The College and Graduate School Students’ Definitive Guide to Success


Years of hard work and seemingly endless investments of time and money, and finally, graduation is in sight. Are you ready?

In today’s incredibly challenging job market, the best and brightest in the classroom are not, unfortunately, guaranteed a seat in the boardroom. Or even a second interview. The fact is, there are just not enough jobs for which you are qualified to go around. And your technical expertise and intelligence, while clearly important, are not enough by themselves to get you that coveted job offer. How can you ensure that you position yourself in the best, most competitive and most compelling way? Please join us for this seminar designed exclusively for you, the college or graduate school student, who is intent upon doing everything you can to get the job.

Program benefits

  • Increased awareness of what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for today
  • Proven strategies for making the most of every opportunity
  • Improved confidence to shine the brightest light on your talents and achievements
  • Significantly improved positioning to land the job you want!

Who should attend?

  • College students at any point in their careers
  • Graduate school students
  • Recent graduates
  • College Career Development staff members

What will participants learn?

  • How recruiters hire today
  • In person and online networking
  • How to create an “Elevator Pitch”
  • The critical importance of attitude
  • First impression management
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Dress and grooming
  • How to “Work a Room”
  • Business dining and entertaining
  • And much, much more

(Program length – one day)

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